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Welcome to Money Management

Money Management is a free personal money management system where you can view your complete financial picture within Online and Mobile Banking. Your total financial life can be categorized, charted and reviewed to better understand where your money is going. Organize your finances to set spending budgets, savings goals and much more!

Streamline your financial information to include checking and savings accounts, loans and credit cards, and investment products in one convenient and safe location. With Money Management from Republic Bank, you can easily set budgets, track financial goals and stay on top of your finances.

A Home Page That Gives You Control

The Home Page Dashboard view easily organizes your accounts, transactions, spending patterns and budgets. Navigate from the Dashboard to any of the great features and functions with Money Management to manage your spending categories, set up notifications and add accounts.

All of Your Financial Accounts in One View

Bring all of your financial information into one location. You'll see your Republic Bank accounts, as well as loans, investments, and any other financial information you input from a multitude of institutions and providers.

View Your Transactions

View all of your transactions from Republic Bank and your external accounts in one chart. Categories are assigned to each transaction, and can be modified or better defined as you choose, into such categories as auto & transit, bills & utilities, education, entertainment, food & dining, personal care, shopping and more. You can filter the view by account or date, as well as search by any keyword or amount. Also your tax deductible transactions can be marked throughout the year, and then filtered for easy access while filing taxes.

View Your Spending by Category

Transactions are consolidated from all your accounts, allowing you to see how much you spend by category. You control the time range by week, month or over time, and drill down to subcategories and transactions.

Set Up Budgets and Track Your Spending Habits

How much are you spending weekly on coffee? Is your savings growing or not? You can now see the relative health of the budgets you create with Bubble Budgets. Expenses are grouped by type and the bigger the bubble, the more you're spending. You can see how healthy your budget is based on a color coding of green, yellow or red. Updating and editing your budgets is easy, with a tap of the bubble, you can quickly track your money.

Easy Alerts

A notification system that can send SMS and/or email messages to users, based on your preferences. Alerts include: Exceeded Budgets, Debt Payment Reminder, Low Account Balance, Large Deposit, Large Expense/Withdrawal and Fee Charged. Users can define alert thresholds on a per-account and a per-alert basis.

Set Financial Goals

Plan for the future with confidence with Goals. Create savings, debt payoff or retirement goals and tie them to your Republic Bank accounts or your external ones.  Plan months, years and even decades into the future.

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