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With our FREE Bill Pay service, you can pay anyone in the United States. You can pay your credit card, the dry cleaner, your doctor and more. Bill Pay remembers your list of payees - including name and address. And, bills with fixed amounts can be set up to be paid automatically.

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  • You set the payment amount and date

    When you use auto debit or ACH payments, those payments are taken directly from your account every month whether you're ready for them or not. When you pay bills inside your online banking account, you have more flexibility. You’re always in complete control over how much you want to pay and when.

  • You can change or cancel a payment as needed

    Other online payment options can be really inflexible. But when you pay bills online, you can modify a payment anytime before it is processed. This means you're always in complete control of your money.

Bill Pay

  • You can pay all of your bills from one place

    Tired of remembering passwords from multiple sites to pay your bills? When you pay bills inside your online banking account, there's just one place to log in to pay everyone. From one simple site, you can pay your utilities, loans and even your friends or family members. 

  • You can pay individuals, too

    You can pay just about anyone in the United States. Simply add them as a payee by entering their name and address. It only takes minutes to log in and set up a new payee. And, best of all, you only have to enter payee information once. Once a payee is set up, it is fast and easy to make future payments online in just a few clicks.

Bill Pay

  • You safeguard your credit score

    Late fees can adversely affect your credit score. Avoid them by setting up email reminders that alert you when bills are due. Schedule automatic payments for all your recurring bills – everything from car loans to home mortgages.

  • You can help protect your identity

    When you pay bills online, your payment information is protected by the same standards that secure your online banking account – so you know it's just as safe.

Bill Pay



Here are even more smart reasons to pay your bills online.


 eBills are online versions of your paper bills that are delivered right where you pay bills–within your secure online banking account – not your email address or your mailbox. They are a clutter–free way to receive bills, stay organized and reduce identity theft risk. You can set up email reminders that notify you when a bill arrives, when it is due, and when it was sent. Get started by following the easy steps below:

  1. Grab your paper bill.
  2. Log into Online Banking and go to the Bill Pay page.
  3. Click on the eBill link next to a payee.
  4.  Enter the account information from your paper bill.

Bill Pay Guarantee

Thanks to the Bill Pay Guarantee, you’re protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays – guaranteed!

Suspect fraud? Please notify us within two business days of when you suspect an unauthorized transaction.
Payment late? We cover any late-payment related charges (up to $50.00) should a payment arrive after its due date, as long as you scheduled the transaction in accordance with our time payment guarantee.

With the Online Bill Pay Guarantee, you know your payment will get where it is supposed to go – safely and on schedule.

Reimburse payment-related charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its due date as long as the payment was scheduled to be delivered prior to the due date indicated by the payee. This guarantee does not reimburse late fees for payments not scheduled within these guidelines, or payments delayed due to postal delays or delays for posting at the payee.

Bill Pay Guarantee


It's easy to sign up for Bill Pay

  • Log into Online Banking at
  • Click on the "Bill Pay" link at the top of the screen to get started.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 888-782-3333.

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