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    Privacy Protection And Preventing ID Theft

    Identity theft results from the unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information (PII) without their knowledge to commit fraud or theft. The following suggestions are provided to help clients protect their privacy and secure their identity.

    Protect Your Personal Identifying Information (PII)

    • Do not provide your date of birth, full social security number (SSN), credit card numbers, full bank account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), or passwords to anyone not permitted.
    • Do not provide your PII over the telephone, through the mail, or online (either through a website or email/file share) unless you have initiated the contact and know the person or company to whom it is given.
    • Do not provide your PII to anyone over the phone in a public place or online on a public wireless network (WiFi) such as those found in airports, hotels, or coffee shops.

    Credit, Debit and ATM Card Tips

    • Limit the number of cards you carry and cancel cards you do not use.
    • Retain all receipts from transactions and compare them to charges on statements.
    • Sign any new cards immediately upon receipt and report lost or stolen cards immediately. Information 1-888-782-3333
    Taxpayer Assistance 1-866-581-1040
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