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    Online Security

    • Basic home security should include using a firewall, keeping all antivirus software updated, and employing a complex password to protect your wireless network (if applicable).
    • Download and run Trusteer Rapport in order to ensure that your web sessions to trusted sites are secure.

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    • Standard email isn’t a private conversation, which is why we always recommend using secure email to send documents like loan or mortgage applications. We take the privacy of our communications very seriously, which is why we offer secure two-way email communication.
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    • When using online banking services, check to be sure the sites you navigate are secure. Make sure that the URL begins with "https://" and look for the padlock icon at the bottom of the browser page, which indicates that the site is encrypted.
    • When using a public computer–such as one at your local library–avoid typing your personal information (i.e. name, address, full social security or credit card number).
    • Type website URLs directly into the address bar, do not follow links.  Examples of links that you may encounter include pop-up advertisements on sites that you are visiting, advertisements on search engines, or emails with an embedded website URL (these may appear as buttons in the message or have underlined or bolded text).
    • If you shop online, check your credit card statements as often as possible and use a credit card for online purchases. Credit cards have some protections that debit cards do not, such as the ability to question unusual charges. Information 1-888-782-3333
    Taxpayer Assistance 1-866-581-1040
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