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    Identity Theft - Business

    Risk Assessment 

    To mitigate the risks associated with Business Online Banking, including ACH and wire transactions, it is recommended that clients perform a yearly review of controls and risks. Items to consider include:

    • information or functions available through the commercial website
    • the volume of transactions
    • security policies and procedures for access to the corporate accounts
    • security monitoring solutions
    • security layers
    • logical and physical access privileges.

    Training should be conducted at least annually for any employees with access to corporate online bank accounts for review policies, procedures, and features.

    Layered Security Measures

    We recommend that commercial clients implement a layered security to address risks associated with online banking.

    • Trusteer Rapport is required on every computer that is authorized to access to conduct ACH or wire transactions. Rapport scans for malware on PCs and creates a secure “tunnel” to the website to prevent attacks.
    • Up-to-date antivirus software, as well as software or hardware firewall, are essential to preventing the loss of data through malware attacks like Trojans and viruses.
    • It is essential to keep operating system patches up to date on workstations, servers, and infrastructure appliances, as well as patches for software like Java, Flash, and Silverlight.
    • We suggest the use of ou Positive Pay service to ensure that all transactions are legitimate and to help prevent fraudulent activity in the event that checks are lost or stolen.
    • Use a dedicated PC for accessing, which is not used for any other purpose other than financial transactions.
    • Limit the number of employees with logical and physical access to sensitive account information.
    • Request us to set up your users with Dual-Control for ACH and wire transactions, which will result in two employees needing to be involved on the release of funds through these specific networks (Wire & ACH).
    • Notify us if a user needs to be removed from the account entitlement. Never share password and/or IDs.

    Contact Us

    Contact one of our Treasury Management Specialists at 1-866-534-2341.

    If you suspect fraudulent activity, have been notified about malware on a computer that is used for bank transactions, or have questions regarding transactions, please contact us immediately. Information 1-888-782-3333
    Taxpayer Assistance 1-866-581-1040
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