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Q After I have applied for Online Banking, how long will it take for me to be able to sign in?
A It will take approximately 1-2 business days before you will be able to log in. We will notify you by e-mail once we have processed your application.

Q Some aspects of the website are not functioning properly. What should I do?
A Our website is only compatible with certain browsers and browser settings. If you are not using a browser that we support, some parts of the website will not work for you.

Click here to view supported browsers and recommended settings.

Q How frequently is my information updated?
A Transactions are displayed within Online Banking in real-time, which means that most transactions are reflected immediately on your account. Teller, ATM, and Debit Card point-of-sale transactions are visible on your account as soon as they are received by the bank. Whether you access Online Banking, Account Access Line, or contact us directly, you will have real-time access to your account information.

Q I've forgotten my password (or I've been locked out of the system). What do I do?
A You have several options if you have forgotten your password or have been locked out of your Online Banking:

Contact us at 1-888-782-3333 or click on the Live Assistance button on our home page to have your password reset. You can also have your password reset by bringing your current photo ID into any banking center during business hours.

Q After I have signed up online for Bill Pay, how long does it take for me to start paying bills online?
A Once you have completed your Bill Payment application located in your Online Banking under the Bill Payment tab, you will be able to start Bill Payment within 1-2 business days. You will be notified by e-mail once your application has been processed.

Q How do I actually use the Bill Payment System?
A Step-by-step instructions can be accessed by logging into your Online Banking and selecting the Bill Payment link. The Help link located on the lower section of every screen in Bill Pay includes FAQs about operating Bill Pay as well as a Bill Pay term index and step-by-step instructions to help you navigate Bill Pay.

Q How long does it take to set up a new payee in the Bill Payment system?
A Once you have entered a new payee into the Bill Payment system, you may start sending payments to that payee immediately. When scheduling a payment to a payee for the first time, you should always assume it is being sent by check and therefore allow a minimum of 5 business days for mail delivery and processing.

Q How long does it take for a payment to reach the payee?
A Payments can be sent by check or electronically. The payment method used is solely dependent on how the payee chooses to receive payments. Payments being sent electronically will take approximately 3 business days to reach their destination.  Payments sent by check will take approximately 5-7 business days to reach their destination.

Q After I make a Bill Payment, how long does it take for the money to be debited from my account?
A Regardless of how the payment is being sent to your payee (electronically or by check) the funds will be debited electronically from your account within 1-2 business days.

Q How will I know if a payment has been sent electronically or by check?
A You can find the payment details by locating your payee under the Last 5 Processed Payments and clicking the amount link for the payment; this link will open a window that contains all of the information about the payment, including the Payment Type, the Sent On and Deliver By dates and the Confirmation Number. Please note that the “Delivery Date” stated is only an estimate and is not guaranteed.

For older payments, you can locate the Payment Details by clicking on the payee in your payee list and selecting Payment History. On the following screen you will need to select the Payment Details link located on the right of each payment made to this payee.

Q Are there any payments I can’t issue on Bill Pay?
A Due to legal requirements, we limit the ability to make certain types of payments. Payments to payees outside of the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances. In addition, the following payments are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk:

You will be notified if you attempt to make any of these payments and we will not be liable if we do not make a prohibited or discouraged payment that you've scheduled.

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