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    ACH Processing

    The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment network used by individuals, corporations, businesses, financial institutions, and government entities. Approximately 98% of the nation's commercial financial institutions participate in the ACH Network.


    • Reduces the costs of electronic fund transfers by allowing the transfer of credit or debit entries to savings accounts, demand deposit accounts, loan accounts, and other accounts.
    • Eliminates costly wire transfers

    Common Applications:

    • Direct deposit of payroll
    • Payment of federal tax payments utilizing the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

    Types of ACH Processing

    • PPD Prearranged Payment/Deposit
    • CCD Cash Concentration/Deposit

    How It Works:

    • You initiate ACH transactions via our Business Online Banking application or other agreed upon format. Certain addenda may be included with the payment, such as invoice number and date.
    • Republic Bank translates and formats your data in order to send to the receiving bank, which then translates and reports the payment and addenda information for your vendor.
    • Republic processes ACH files throughout the day, with our last processing window at 7:00 PM ET.

    Transaction Authorization:

    To reduce the potential of unauthorized account access, Republic Bank has introduced the use of Secure Access Codes (SAC) for transaction approval.  When approving an online transaction, you will be prompted to receive a SAC to you voice or mobile phone number.  Symantec VIP tokens are supported for transaction authorization if required by a company.

    security token

    All wire and ACH clients are required to use a security token to release ACH and/or wire transactions via the Business Online Banking platform. 


    • Completion of an ACH Application which is underwritten by Republic Bank
    • Completion of a signed ACH Agreement

    ACH Rules Awareness & Updates Guide


    Need more information? Contact one of our Treasury Management Specialists at 1-866-534-2341. Information 1-888-782-3333
    Taxpayer Assistance 1-866-581-1040
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