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Online Banking

Republic Bank offers complete small business and sophisticated Treasury Management services through our fully integrated online banking platform, Business Online Banking.


  • Full-featured business mobile banking app
  • View real-time account balances and transaction history.
  • Pay bills with BillPay.
  • Export your account data into Quicken®, Quickbooks® or spreadsheet format.
  • Make payments to a Republic Bank business loan or credit card.
  • View check images, deposit tickets and deposited items.
  • Set up balance threshold alerts.
  • Deposit checks from your phone with our full-featured business mobile banking app.
  • Enhanced Information Reporting available to users of advanced Treasury Management services.
  • Initiate Wire transfers.*
  • Initiate and manage ACH payments.*
  • Positive Pay processing.*

Bill Pay

Republic Bank's Bill Pay for Business application puts you in control of your payments.



  • Ability to set up bills with fixed amounts to be paid automatically.
  • Creates a paper trail by remembering your list of payees, including names and addresses.


  • Reduce the administrative time required to stuff envelopes and mail payments.
  • Freedom to reschedule or even cancel pending payments at any time.


  • Must be an existing user of Business Online Banking 
  • Business Online Banking and Business Bill Pay support current versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Need more information? Contact one of our Treasury Management Specialists at 1-866-534-2341.


YOUR SECURITY IS IMPORTANT TO US! Please be sure your anti-virus software is current and firewall is turned ON and NEVER share your ID and password.


Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier. Usage and qualification restrictions apply. 

* These functions require the approval and use of additional paid banking services. Please contact us for additional information regarding these services.

Supported Browsers

View our updated supported browsers and recommended configuration for Business Online Banking. If you are using an unsupported browser, some parts of our website may not work for you.

Business Online Banking Browser and Third Party Software
(Updated August, 2019)

Republic Bank regularly monitors and tests browsers and third party software vendors to ensure the highest security standards to protect our clients' personal and financial information. In order to have the best experience navigating our Business Online Banking (BOB) and maintain the maximum security to protect your information, we recommend using one of the latest versions of the following web browsers.

Web Browsers are FREE to download and it is possible to have multiple web browsers installed at the same time.

Supported Browsers Windows 10 Mac OS -
Current Version

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
(Current version plus the previous two versions are supported)

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
(Current version plus the previous two versions are supported)
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
(Current version plus the previous two versions are supported)
Apple Inc. Safari
(Current version plus the previous two versions are supported)
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
(Limited support through January 13 2020.
Internet Explorer will no longer be supported starting January 14 2020)

Other browsers or different versions of an approved browser may be used; however, they are not supported by Republic Bank and some features may not function properly. 

Additionally, if a browser or operating system is no longer supported by the vendor, it is not supported by Republic Bank. In order to view business statements online, a current-generation PDF viewer must be installed on your computer (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is recommended).


Business Online Banking is a fully integrated server-based desktop program providing real-time online access to account information through the Internet. Detailed information is available on all transactions, including current day, on a real-time basis.

Q How do I add an authorized user or a new account to my current Business Online Banking setup?
To add or remove user or accounts, please send us a secure message from within Business Online Banking (navigate to “Messages > Secure Messages > Send New Message)  If your company has an online administrator, please route your request to them per your company policy.

Q Can I share my login credentials?
A No. The User ID & Password are for individual use only and must not be shared.

Q How often do I have to change my password and what are the password requirements for Business Online Banking?
A If you utilize Treasury Management services (ACH/Wire/Positive Pay/Information Reporting), you will be required to change your password every 90 days for security purposes.

Q What Internet browsers are supported?
A Our website is only compatible with certain browsers and browser settings. If you are not using a browser that we support, some parts of the website will not work properly. Please click on the link below to view supported browsers and recommended settings.

Click here to view supported browsers and recommended settings.

Q How frequently is my Business Online Banking information updated?
A Transactions are displayed within Business Online Banking in real-time, which means that most transactions are reflected immediately on your account. Teller, ATM, and Debit Card point-of-sale transactions are visible on your account as soon as they are received by the bank.

Q I've forgotten my password (or I've been locked out of the system). What do I do?
A Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button on our login page to have your password reset. If you are locked out, you will need to call Treasury Management at 866-534-2341 between 8-5 ET (Monday-Friday) or the Contact Center at 888-584-3644 during the business hours of 7:30 – 8 ET (Monday-Friday), 9-5 ET (Saturday) and Noon-4 ET (Sunday). 

Q I am unable to print my Online Statements. What should I do?
A Confirm you are using a supported browser and have a PDF reader installed. If you are using a supported browser and have a PDF reader and your Online Statements still will not open, this could be due to specific requirements on browser settings. Please feel free to call Treasury Management at 866-534-2341 or 502-588-8374 during business hours so we can assist you.

Q What is the difference between Collected, Current & Available balance?
A The Collected balance is your ending balance as of the previous business day. The Current balance is the amount available for cash withdrawal, and the Available balance is the ‘real-time’ balance reflecting all memo posted items.

Q Can I export my account activity into Quicken or QuickBooks?
AYes. You can export your account activity from the account details/history section of Business Online Banking into your accounting software if you are using a supported browser and your software is less than five years old. For detailed instructions on how to export your account activity, please call Treasury Management at 866-534-2341 or email us at, and we will send you the instructions.

Q If I make a transfer on my Business Online Banking, is it in real-time?
A Transfers made after 8:00 PM ET may not be applied to your account until the next business day.

Q Can I place a stop payment on my Business Online Banking?
A Yes. You can place a Stop Payment by navigating to Services > Stop Payments.  Select desired account, enter check information and click send request.  Stop payments are in real-time and may incur a fee (please refer to your account rules for additional information).

Q Can I set up a balance alert on my Business Online Banking?
A Yes, you can set up a number of different alerts (Account, History, Online Transaction and Security) by navigating to Settings > Alerts from within Business Online Banking.*

Q What do I need to do if I want Bill Pay access?
A A signed Business Bill Pay Application is required to grant Bill Pay access.* Click here to access the application.

Please keep Authorized Users, user e-mail addresses and phone numbers up to date. It is the signer’s responsibility to notify the Bank of any changes to Authorized Users for Business Online Banking. Each user needs their own login credentials; user IDs and passwords are not to be shared.


* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

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