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Easy Savings Program

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About the Program

Through our Easy Savings automatic rebate program, your business can earn cash back, while managing day to day business expenses.  There are no points to earn or redeem.  Simply use your Republic Bank Mastercard Business Debit or Credit Card at participating merchants, and the rebates will appear automatically on your monthly statement.

How Mastercard Easy Savings Works

Your Republic Bank Mastercard Business Debit and Credit Card is automatically enrolled in the Easy Savings program, which qualifies you for rebates.

Just use your Mastercard Business Debit and Credit Card at any participating merchant. Your rebates will be automatically applied to your monthly statement.

How Easy is Mastercard Easy Savings?

Learn More About Mastercard Easy Savings® Program

Easy Savings App


Visit to learn more about participating merchants and locations near you or download the mobile app.

Easy Savings App


Earn rebates at up to 40,000 other participating merchants




If you have been notified by the issuer that issued your Mastercard Small Business Card that your Mastercard Small Business Card has been automatically enrolled in the Program, you may participate in the Program effective as of the date indicated in the notification from the issuer.

The Program is available only to cardholders using eligible, Small Business Cards or Commercial Cards, as signature-based transactions, as applicable, issued by a United States financial institution ("Cards"). You must be enrolled in the Program prior to using a Card at a Merchant, or to receive the rebate benefits of the Program.

If you access the Program Web Site or use the Program, you also accept the Terms and Conditions as posted on the Program Web Site and as posted at:!/termsl.

If you do not wish to participate in the Easy Savings program, please contact us via email or at 1-888-540-5363.

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