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This account allows you to earn interest on your account and avoid monthly fees with only a moderate account balance. This account is only available for sole proprietorships (DBA's), non-profit organizations and government entities.


  • Earn interest in all balances
  • First 300 items free (checks written, deposited items, ACH debits/credits received, and deposits). Items in excess of 300 are $0.20 each.
  • Free ATM transactions everywhere! Access to over 90,000 ATMs by using Republic Bank, Presto, SUM, Allpoint, and MoneyPass ATM Networks.*
  • Free Online Statements with Check Images
  • Free Republic Bank Business Debit Card
  • Free Night Depository
  • Free Internet Bill Pay**
  • Free Business Online Banking
  • Free Merchant Services Meeting & Quote

Contact us at 888-584-3600 for more information or visit your local Republic Bank to open an account.

  • $1,000 minimum to open
  • No monthly maintenance fee with at least $1,000 minimum daily balance. Otherwise, a $5 per statement cycle fee applies.

Which account is right for you? View our Product Comparison Guide.


* ATM fees assessed are reimbursed to the account on the next business day.

** If Bill Pay is not activated or remains unused for 90 days, service is cancelled

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