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Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

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Republic Bank’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are associate-led, voluntary groups that offer opportunities to network internally and externally, attract a diverse associate base, and provide the inclusion of ideas and solutions to the diverse community that makes up Republic Bank. These groups consist of associates who have common interests, experiences, or backgrounds, along with the allies who support them. Our BRGs:

  • Empower us to build a more inclusive culture
  • Help us more effectively recruit, onboard, develop, and retain talent
  • Enable us to better understand the diverse needs of our consumers

In order to build this inclusive culture and way of doing business, it is important to learn about others’ experiences. Associates can also become Allies to learn and better understand the struggles others face and use their voices and actions to help. Our Allies:

  • Seek to understand
  • Take on a group’s struggles as their own
  • Show up and be an advocate, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Help others gain the opportunities and advantages that they have


The CAREGIVERS BRG aims to offer assistance, resources, education and support to our associates, community and clients that take on a caregiver role. To support its Mission, the CAREGIVERS BRG follows the “WE CARE” motto:

Provide tips and resources to help with associate support and self-care
Assist caregivers in recognizing that they are not alone
Foster a community of kindness and caring
Help each other in time of need
Provide a connection to local resources
Facilitate learning about caregiving and self-care


The CONEXION BRG aims to connect the heritage, experiences, and people within the Hispanic community to build a more inclusive and vibrant culture both within Republic Bank and with its serviced communities that:

  • Ensures that Hispanic associates feel a sense of community
  • Assists the Hispanic community in reaching their financial goals
  • Drives external partnerships and business opportunities for those in the Hispanic community
  • Shapes our products and marketing strategies to better serve and grow our Hispanic customer base


NIA means “Purpose” and is Republic Bank’s African American BRG. NIA BRG’s purpose is to help create a more inclusive culture and expand internal and external networks by:

  • Working to better understand African American perspectives and challenges
  • Supporting the African Americans in our lives – and their financial goals
  • Learning how to better serve African American customers


The PRIDE BRG is committed to ensuring that all people – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression – feel included and treated fairly. To support this mission, the PRIDE BRG aims to:

  • Help associates better understand various topics, such as gender identity
  • Enable all to be referred to by their preferred pronouns
  • Provide a safe and inclusive culture and community for all LGBTQ+ individuals


The VETS BRG seeks to ensure that veterans are welcome and included at Republic Bank. To support this mission, the VETS BRG seeks to:

  • Offer opportunities for veterans to network in a broad group of accepting associates
  • Educate Republic Bank associates on the unique challenges and goals of individuals in the Veteran community
  • Provide guidance in career development and mentorship 


The WOMEN’S BRG strives to help women realize their full potential through personal and professional development, networking, idea sharing, volunteerism and more by:

  • Working to better understand female perspectives and challenges
  • Supporting women in achieving their personal and professional goals
  • Learning to better reach female customers
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