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    Apple Safari

    We support all versions of Safari 8.0 or higher.

    Click here for Apple Safari Browser Settings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q Why do I get a blank page when I click on a link?
    A If you are receiving a blank page when attempting to access any page on or in your Internet Banking, this is caused by the browser setting not matching our website's requirements. Please confirm that you are using a supported browser with the correct web settings enabled. Also, be sure to delete the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies before trying to access the page.

    Q Why do I have to enter a One-Time Passcode each time I log into Internet Banking when I have selected to register my computer as "private"?
    A If you have set your computer to "Private" for Enhanced Login Security but are still having to enter a One-Time Passcode when logging in, there are a couple causes for this behavior..

    • Your Browser is not accepting cookies.
    • Your Browser's cookie setting is set to clear cookies and cache every time the browser session is closed.
    • 3rd party security software (e.g. Anti-Virus, Malware) is set to delete cookies.

    If your Browser settings are correct and you are still having to enter a One-Time Passcode, adjust or disable the cookie settings on any 3rd party security software, if applicable.

    Q Why can't I see my statements online?
    A If you have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed and can't view Encrypted PDF's in your Web Browser you will need to change a setting in Adobe to open the pages instead of opening in the Web Browser.

    1. Open Adobe Reader program.
    2. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet -> Uncheck "Display PDF in browser"

    PDF files will now open in Adobe Reader; not Safari.

    Q Why am I receiving Error Code 1516 when I try to log in to Internet Banking?
    A This error message generates because the last Internet Banking Session was not signed out of correctly before closing the web page. To log in again you will need to close all Web Browser tabs and pages and open a new page.


    To avoid this error in the future, please close all Internet Banking sessions by clicking on the EXIT link in the upper right hand corner.

    Q Why can't I access my Bill Pay Screen?
    A We have found that Apple Inc. updated Safari on 3/13/12 to version 5.1.4 which is causing a problem for clients to be able to access Bill Pay. When clients click on it, the page goes white for a moment and then reloads the history page. There is a very easy solution to access Bill Pay until this is resolved.

    Click here for instructions to access Bill Pay using Safari

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