Simple Access Disclosure

This disclosure contains the rules which govern your deposit account.

Minimum Opening Deposit Requirements
To open this account you must deposit at least $50.00

Charges which may be applied to this account

After eighteen (18) months of inactivity your account will be classified as DORMANT and will be charged a monthly dormant fee if your account balance is less than $1,000.

Additional disclosure terms
Transaction Limitations:  Cash deposits or ACH (direct) deposits only.   No checks or Cashier’s Checks allowed.  If a check or Cashier’s Check is presented for payment, it will be returned unpaid.

Debit Card Authorizations:  Selected debit card transactions will be authorized by the Bank based on an unknown amount.  This authorization amount may be greater than the actual purchase amount.  In these cases, the Bank will withhold $20 to cover the transaction based on this unknown authorization until the merchant posts the actual purchase amount to your account.  Once the actual purchase amount is posted to your account, if the actual purchase amount is less than $20, the difference will be credited to your account balance.   The Bank also reserves the right to refuse debit card transactions attempted at certain merchants.

NOTE:  Monthly Service Fees are assessed on the statement cycle date.  Please allow enough available funds to remain in the account to cover service fees and avoid an overdraft situation.