Basic Checking Disclosure

This disclosure contains the rules which govern your deposit account. If your account is not already a MMDA, a portion of your account balance may be classified as an MMDA for regulatory purposes. This classification will not affect the terms or fees contained in this disclosure.

Minimum Opening Requirements
To open this account you must deposit at least $50.00

Charges which may be applied to this account

After eighteen (18) months of inactivity your account will be classified as DORMANT and will be charged a monthly dormant fee if your account balance is less than $1,000.

Additional Disclosure Terms
A below balance fee of $7 will be imposed every statement cycle if the average daily balance for the statement cycle falls below $500. If you conduct a total of twenty (20) or more point-of-sale (POS) transactions during the statement cycle, your below balance fee will be waived for that statement cycle. The fee wavier does not include transactions conducted through an ATM. The average daily balance is calculated by adding the daily balance in the account for each day of the statement cycle and dividing that figure by the number of calendar days in the statement cycle.

The first 2 Non Republic ATM Transaction Fees will be waived each statement cycle. Additionally, your account will automatically be reimbursed for the first 2 Non Republic ATM Transaction Fees assessed to you by the ATM owner. Fees will be reimbursed on next business day.